Brick Program

The Regina Junior Pats are preparing for the 2024 Brick Tournament, to be held in July 2024 for the top players in North America in the 2014 age group. Team Saskatchewan Jr Pats is committed to identifying and selecting the best players in the province of Saskatchewan.  In addition to the Brick Program, there will be a pre-Brick team selected to compete in two tournaments this spring.

The management team for the program has set high expectations for the tournament and will identify and select the best overall players in the province to compete at the prestigious event. The management team consists of Todd Ripplinger, Pat Belitski and Warren Fry.

Todd Ripplinger

‐ WHL Scout, Moose Jaw Warriors. 30 years scouting in the WHL
‐ Managed and coached the 2000‐2005 birth year Brick Teams
‐ Sons played on the team 1998 and 2003 birth years

Pat Belitski

‐ Business owner in Regina, SK
‐ Founded and operated the South Sask Selects 2008‐2019
‐ Coached minor hockey in Regina 2004‐2018
‐ Son played on the 2001 birth year team

Warren Fry

‐ General Manager of the Regina Pat Canadians
‐ Coached minor hockey in Regina 2006‐2019
‐ Son played on the 2003 birth year team

Trying out for the 2024 Teams

The identification process has already started.  A summer evaluation was held in Aberdeen in August.  A Christmas Combine will be held to further evaluate players for the two teams.  The sessions will be held in Southey (Dec 30) and Regina (Dec 31).   In addition to this evaluation, the Brick management team and network of contacts will be attending a number of U11 tournaments over the course of the winter to determine both roster spots and a final evaluation list.  The process will conclude with an final evaluation and training camp in early April 2024.  More information will come out in the near future with specific plans.

To register for tryouts, click the Registration tab at the top of the page or click here.


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